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Pet Ownership

Exotic animals don't make great pets

Many people have a fascination with owning a wild, dangerous, exotic pet. Maybe it's bragging rights among friends, or simply having something that few other people have. Too often injuries or fatalities occur at the paws of an exotic animal, and in many countries, including the United States and Canada, it is illegal to own exotic animals as pets outside of a wildlife facility or without special licensing.
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Finding a reliable pet sitter

You've booked your next vacation or trip to visit family living far away, and have made all of the arrangements necessary. Except for who will watch your pet.

Millions of people across North America are pet owners. Although hotels and restaurants are increasingly amenable to pets, a good number of people prefer the convenience of leaving their pet home. Pets also seem to thrive in their familiar home environments. Keeping a pet home will require the services of a pet sitter to care for the animal.
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Tips to make crate training your puppy easier

To those who have never crated or even owned a dog, the idea of crate training often comes off as cruel and unusual punishment. In reality, many dogs have a natural need for a den-like enclosure, and a crate satisfies that need, improving the animal's life as a result.
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Is a pet right for your home?

Nearly half of all households in the United States and Canada have a pet. Sometimes a pet can be just what a family needs, but other times families soon discover their households simply don't make an ideal place for a pet.

Pets end up in shelters for a number of reasons -- most through no fault of their own. Moving is the primary reason family pets are relinquished, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. Other top reasons include the cost of pets, animals given as gifts, lack of time to care for the animal, or an animal that grew larger than expected. One way to avoid this scenario is to accurately assess if a pet is right for the home.
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How to litter box train your bunny

Rabbits can make wonderful pets. If you want a pet but cats and dogs aren't for you, a rabbit can fill the void. Although rabbits may need less interaction than a dog, they still require a lot of responsibility and commitment. The task of caring for a rabbit is made easier by training your rabbit to use a litter box.

Many people have pet rabbits, and after a little training, these animals can roam the house just like other pets. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits aren't dirty. In fact, this reputation often stems from inattentiveness and lack of cleaning on the part of the pet parent. In reality, rabbits are "prey" animals who will instinctively keep a clean home to prevent the build up of odor that would reveal the location of their dens to potential predators.
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Pets can coexist peacefully

Despite cartoon caricatures of dogs preying on unsuspecting cats, and cats hunting down birds and small rodents, these stereotypical adversaries can, and often do, live quite peacefully together.

Many different types of animals can live together in one household, but it is up to the pet owner to ensure each animal gets his or her share of attention and proper care.
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Benefits to pet adoption

More than 11 years ago -- ready to become a pet parent -- I stepped into the local animal shelter and perused the cages to find a new companion animal. The shelter was filled to capacity, mostly with pit bulls and other large, abandoned dogs. In one cage I saw a mound of mismatched fur and realized I had found "the one."
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