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Surviving drought during a water restriction

Homeowners don't need to have a green thumb to know how taxing a drought can be on their lawns. Though summer is a laid-back season for many people, those same high temperatures and sunny days that make summer so enjoyable can wreak havoc on a lawn during periods of drought.

In response to drought, many communities institute water restrictions that limit how much water a homeowner can use to water his or her lawn. These restrictions are well-intentioned and necessary, but lawns that need water still need to survive the summer heat. There are a few steps homeowners can take to help their lawn survive drought during a water restriction.
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How to improve your landscape before selling

Selling a house is seldom easy, and homeowners are often willing to do whatever it takes to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers. One of the areas sellers typically focus on is the home's landscaping. A well-maintained lawn and garden increases a property's curb appeal considerably, increasing the chances a buyer will have a strong first impression of the home.

But homeowners don't need to have a green thumb to ensure their lawn improves curb appeal. The following are a few tricks of the trade savvy sellers can employ to make their home an instant hit when buyers pull up to the curb.
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Riding mowers can make lawn care more manageable

Homeowners love extensive, lush, green lawns. But the elbow grease that goes into tending to the landscape is far less beloved. One task that routinely causes bouts of procrastination is mowing the lawn. But riding mowers can change the way homeowners view mowing the lawn.
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Tips when hiring a landscape architect

A well-maintained landscape is important to many homeowners. In addition to adding to a home's aesthetic appeal, a lush landscape can also help increase a home's resale value. Oftentimes, homeowners without much experience tending to lawns and gardens hire a landscape architect to do the job for them. First-time homeowners on the lookout for a landscape architect should consider the following tips to make the most of that process.
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Tips when creating an outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular over the last several years. The home improvement boom has shown many homeowners just how easy it can be to transform a home into a private sanctuary that caters to the personalities of the home's residents.

Outdoor living areas have become an extension of the home's interior, with many homeowners creating outdoor living rooms and dining areas so they can relax and eat meals outside just as they do indoors. But homeowners thinking of creating outdoor living spaces should consider a few tricks of the trade before beginning their projects.
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4 tips for choosing grass varieties

If you drive by a home and see a lush lawn out front, you may wonder how the homeowner achieved such a thick and healthy turf. Although many factors go into creating a beautiful lawn, starting out with the right seed for your location can play a big role.

Some homeowners simply go out and buy whatever grass seed they find. However, if you plant a warm-season grass where it frosts over in the winter, you could end up spending money for nothing -- and finding a dead lawn come springtime. The same can be said for planting a cool-season grass variety where the summer sun will scorch the lawn and kill it off. These are some factors you will need to consider when planting a lawn.
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Hiring a lawncare professional

Many homeowners hire a lawncare professional to tend to their lawns and gardens. To hire a quality service or individual, homeowners need to do a little homework.
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