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Prom according to Hollywood

Thousands of high school juniors and seniors attend a prom dance each and every year. This rite of passage is something students look forward to, sometimes as soon as they step on campus as freshmen.

Since prom is such an integral part of life as a teenager, it's no surprise proms have been subject matter at the movies for years. Some prom movies stand out as classics, and many have even earned a certain cult status. Here are some of the more popular prom movies over the years.

* "Never Been Kissed": Josie is a newspaper reporter who goes undercover as a high school student to uncover any potential scandals in the school environment. Unfortunately, Josie wasn't popular in school and had a terrible high school experience the first time around. She struggles to make her mark with the popular crowd and gear up for prom without disappointment again.

* "Pretty in Pink": It's difficult to mention prom-related movies without tossing "Pretty in Pink" into the mix. A Cinderella-type story of a lower-class girl who falls for a filthy rich boy and wonders how their social differences will pan out, the movie also shares lessons on social diversity and the power of love.

* "She's All That": A high-school outsider, often the butt of jokes, becomes the subject of a bet among the popular kids. They want to see if she can be turned from geek to prom queen. A magical transformation, both outside and inside, occurs.

* "10 Things I Hate About You": In this modern-day version of "The Taming of the Shrew," student Cameron wants to ask out Bianca, but her father has forbid it -- with one exception ... she can go if older sister Kat goes out with a date as chaperone. Outsider and new student Patrick is enlisted to woo Kat so the date can take place, but the two mismatched personalities actually start falling for each other.

* "Footloose": Ren moves from Chicago to a small town in Texas that has banned rock music, dancing and partying after the preacher's son died in an accident coming home from a party. Ren wants to do away with the public ban and sets on a path of rebellion along with the preacher's renegade daughter, Ariel.

* "Carrie": Carrie White seems like a shy, nice girl on the surface, but she hides a terrifying secret of telekinetic power and a temper. When invited to the senior prom and continually teased by a mean-spirited student, Carrie unleashes the full power of her wrath.

* "Prom": Prom and high school graduation are just around the corner, but soon vandalism of prom decorations and signs begin. The class president, Nova, is left to team up with a school rebel to find out the reason behind this behavior and remedy the situation in time.