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Guys can shine on prom night, too

During prom season, the pages of fashion magazines are typically full of the latest dresses for female promgoers who are excited about looking their best on their big night. However, not as much attention is devoted to the gentlemen who also may want to shine on prom night. Guys may wonder how they can stand out among a sea of black tuxedoes. It's actually easier than you would think.
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The history of prom corsages

Prom attire consists of wearing gowns and tuxedos in the style of the season. Promgoers pore over their wardrobe so they will look their best when heading out for their big night -- a party celebrating the culmination of their high school careers. One tradition of prom that continues today is the presentation of a corsage to the female attendant.
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Spray tans a safer option for an end-of-school glow

As soon-to-be graduates prepare for prom and their trip down the auditorium aisle to receive their diplomas, many believe a glowing tan is a must-have accessory. However, the method by which that tan is achieved could mean the difference between bronze skin and a life-threatening disease.
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The correct way to wear your graduation ensemble

The traditional garb worn for both high school and college graduations is a wardrobe style created several centuries ago. Therefore, the style of the graduation gown and accessories may not be something students are accustomed to wearing today.

Most students can expect to wear four main components come graduation day. These will include the graduation gown, a cap, a tassel, and a hood.
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