Prom and Graduation Prom and Graduation Prom and Graduation


The story behind "Pomp and Circumstance"

When asked to list renowned classical composers, Mozart or Beethoven may come to mind. Many people may not think to mention Edward Elgar. But there's an excellent chance thousands of people are very familiar with the most famous work by Elgar.
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A graduation party to remember

After spending 12 or more years attending school, graduation can be a momentous event for students who are about to enter the "real world." A graduation party gives students a chance to celebrate the friendships they've made, the memories of the last several years and the opportunities to come.
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Comfortable footwear important at prom and graduation

Most prom and graduation attendants are interested in having an enjoyable time at these momentous occasions in their school careers. However, it can be difficult to be the life of the party or have fun at special events when uncomfortable footwear spoils the day.

For centuries, women have been renowned for the fashions they wear on their feet. But such fashion often comes with a steep price: pain. In fact, in ancient Chinese tradition, it was customary for girls' feet to be bound to inhibit the growth of feet and show off impossibly small shoe creations. The ideal length for a bound foot was 71/2 centimeters, or roughly 3 inches. These small feet were seen as desireable and generally guaranteed a successful, wealthy husband.
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Great gifts for college grads

The U.S. Department of Education reports that more than one million bachelors degrees and 700,000 associate degrees are awarded each year. Statistics Canada indicates that more than 250,000 students graduate from university every year. That means that there are many reasons to celebrate the accomplishments of graduates -- and just as many gifts to buy to commemorate these special events.
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