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Things to consider when choosing a Confirmation sponsor

Candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation have lots of work to do in preparation for the day when the church will officially recognize them as adults. The day a Catholic is confirmed is one of the most significant events in his or her life, and that significance is apparent in the various requirements candidates must fulfill before they can receive the sacrament.

One of the things a candidate must do is choose a sponsor. A Confirmation sponsor supports the candidate as they prepare to become full members of the church. It's an important role to play, and one no sponsor should take lightly. Choosing a sponsor is also a decision that candidates should take seriously. The following are a few things candidates can consider when choosing a sponsor for their Confirmation candidacy.

Rules & Requirements

There are certain rules and requirements with regard to just who can and cannot be a Confirmation sponsor. These requirements might vary depending on the individual parish, so discuss the guidelines for sponsorship with a church representative if need be.

In general, a sponsor must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, candidates cannot choose one of their parents to act as a sponsor. However, godparents or even siblings often do qualify as sponsors.

A Confirmation sponsor must also be a confirmed member of the Catholic church. The sponsor must also be a practicing Catholic who attends mass. Some parishes might ask about a sponsor's personal life, so candidates should inform potential sponsors about this ahead of time.


Another thing to consider when choosing a Confirmation sponsor is where that potential sponsor lives. Once chosen, the sponsor will be asked to fulfill certain requirements, including attending meetings, so it helps to choose a sponsor who lives nearby. It's not required that a sponsor live in the community, but it will make it easier on the sponsor you choose.


Though any confirmed, practicing Catholic over the age of 18 is eligible to be a Confirmation sponsor in most parishes, it might help to choose someone who is older than 18. A sponsor is supposed to be a role model for the candidate who can offer advice and guidance not only during your candidacy, but after you have been confirmed as well. Someone who is just a few years older than you might not be the best person to provide that advice and guidance.


It might make things easier if the person you ultimately choose to be a sponsor is someone you already have a strong relationship with and find is easy to talk to. The relationship is one that should continue and strengthen after you have been confirmed, so choosing someone you already have a good rapport with will make it easier for the relationship to flourish. In addition, most people find it easier to ask questions or seek advice from someone they're personally close to, and you will likely have a few questions along the way to being confirmed.