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Did you know?

Within the Catholic Church, the Sacrament of Confirmation is when the church recognizes successful candidates as adults. A similar recognition occurs within the Jewish faith. Bar Mitzvah for boys and Bat Mitzvah for girls is when boys and girls in the Jewish community become responsible for their actions. Prior to that, the child's parents assume responsibility for their actions. When young children assume this responsibility, they become a Bat Mitzvah (boys) or a Bar Mitzvah (girls). Once boys and girls reach this status, they can officially lead prayer and other religious services, both within their families and within their communities. Similar to young Catholics, who spend years preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, Jewish boys and girls spend years preparing for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, including attending Hebrew School and performing charity or community service -- requirements that are very similar to those young Catholics must fulfill.