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4 ways to make getting fit more fun

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, which means that many people are gearing up to shed a few pounds. This weight loss is often accomplished through a combination of diet and exercise.

Although plenty of individuals begin new exercise regimens with high hopes, oftentimes their enthusiasm wanes as time goes on, resulting in less-than-stellar results. The missing component of the fitness equation could be fun.
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The Time is Right
Install A Fresh Cabin Air Filter Before The Allergens Strike

The worst is over, we're thinking. With winter officially behind us, we need only look to warmer days ahead. Not so for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. A short winter season followed by an early spring -- as we have experienced lately -- may only hasten the onset of allergens and pollen in the air, causing an itchy and runny nose, teary eyes, sneezing and congestion in those who are prone to allergies.
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How to organize important papers

Let's face it, people often have different ideas as to what constitutes organization. Some think that organizing important papers means stacking them in piles on the dining room table. Others stow them in a cardboard box. But there are better methods to keeping files, bills and more in check.
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Protect computer files before it's too late

The nightmare has happened to most people: You are half-way through completing an important file on your computer when the program freezes or the computer crashes, and you have just lost all of your hard work. Although losing computer files can cost you time and be a minor inconvenience, many times the lost data and productivity can cost much, much more. Protecting computer files is the way to safeguard important information from being lost forever.
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Improve indoor lighting and mood

Want to improve your mood, productivity and general well-being? Consider turning on a light.

The psychological effects of lighting have long been a subject of study. It has been documented that the intensity and quality of light can impact the psychological and physiological well-being of a person, affecting daily mood. The Mayo Clinic says that a lack of adequate lighting can make people feel depressed. That's because light deprivation can affect the production of the hormone melatonin, leading to physiological imbalances. An abundance of light can get bodily systems back in check and also may be an alternative therapy for common emotional issues.
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Pool parties make birthdays easier and fun

In an era of over-the-top, ultra-expensive birthday parties whose extravagance rivals lavish weddings, some might find it invigorating to scale things down and host a pool party.
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Make your home more energy-efficient

Did you know that being green saves money, especially around the house? Homeowners annually lose hundreds of dollars to inefficient appliances and a drafty home. Making simple changes can benefit the planet and your bottom line.
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Did you know?

Tarnish is a discoloration that forms on silver and silver-plated items. It occurs due to oxidation from exposure to air and skin. Tarnish remover is quite expensive and contains harsh chemicals that can damage the metal. To remove tarnish, you can mix a teaspoon of ammonia with 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap and 1/4 cup of water. Mix the solution and apply to the tarnish with a cotton swab.
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Banish pet odors with easy steps

Animals are important members of many households. Although a pet parent may love a wagging tail or the sweet purr of love, he or she may not enjoy the odors that usually permeate from a pet.
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