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Raising Kids

Facts about childhood fever

Fevers scare many parents. When a child's temperatures rises, it can induce panic and helplessness. But when parents recognize that fevers are oftentimes not incredibly harmful to children, that recognition can reduce panic and overreliance on fever-reducing medication.
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How to help kids understand medication

Kids are curious by nature, and few things parents do go unnoticed by their children. Though it's good to encourage their curiosity, children might be in danger if their curiosity takes them to the medicine cabinet.
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How to help kids choose an extracurricular activity

Today's kids are busier than ever before. Commitments in the classroom coupled with a full slate of extracurricular activities have ensured that many of today's school-aged children don't have a minute to spare.

While it's important for kids to embrace extracurricular activities, parents know it's not always easy helping kids find the right activity that allows them to grow outside the classroom while still focusing on their responsibilities inside it. In addition, kids' interests tend to change at the drop of a hat, so something they want to do today might bore them come tomorrow. To help kids choose and manage their extracurricular activities, consider the following tips.
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Simple ways to teach kids about money

Growing up in a time of economic struggle, today's kids might be inadvertently learning lessons about money. If Mom and Dad have been forced to cut back or even lost their jobs, chances are kids have noticed and learned something as a result.
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Get the facts on bronchiolitis

Parents have likely heard about bronchitis. But another respiratory infection, bronchiolitis, gets far less attention.

Bronchiolitis is an infection of the small tubes inside of the lungs (bronchioles) that is caused by a virus and generally affects young children during the autumn and winter months.
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Make your home safer for kids

According to the Home Safety Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home injuries, half of the children who die before their first birthday die from choking or suffocation. Many times such tragedies can be averted.
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