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Must-see classic guy movies

In April 2012 James Cameron, together with Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox, re-released the 1997 Oscar winner "Titanic" -- this time in 3D. The release marked the 100th anniversary of the historic doomed voyage of the Titanic cruise liner.

Although the flick was an epic adventure, most people remember it more for its dramatic love scenes and its popular theme song than for its action sequences. Therefore, there's a good chance "Titanic" will never be included on a list of must-see guy movies. But there are many other movies that can be classified as the best-of-the-best in manly entertainment. From epic explosions to bikini-clad sidekicks to shootouts to intergalactic battles, certain films exemplify the ultimate guy movie.

* The Big Lebowski (1998): TThis is a cult comedy about channeling your inner slacker. "The Dude" Lebowski connects with bowling friends to avenge a case of mistaken identity. Bumbling fools and a series of run-ins take a simple situation and make it complicated.

* Die Hard (1988): Although Bruce Willis' resume includes everything from voicing an animated rodent to appearing on sitcoms "Ally McBeal" and "Friends," he is perhaps best known for his role as New York police officer John McClane. McClane, in town to spend Christmas with his wife, goes up against terrorists when they take a Los Angeles office building hostage. This is truly a tale of the underdog rising to the occasion. Yippie-kai-yay!

* Dirty Harry (1972): You have to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" when you're looking down the barrel of avenging cop Dirty Harry Callahan's .44 magnum. Clint Eastwood as the wayward Harry is the poster child for what not to do as a police officer. But his brand of justice is why guys have been watching this movie for generations. Will you watch it, punk?

* Easy Rider (1969): Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper share their own brand of hippie hedonism on the back of motorcycles. This movie may have paved the way for the career of Jack Nicholson, who was memorably featured in a small role as a Southern lawyer.

* The Godfather (1972): Francis Ford Coppola's classic takes men inside the world of the Italian mafia. Viewers learn to never go against "the family." With a series of famous one-liners that have been ingrained in popular culture for years, it's hard to deny the staying power of this award-winning flick, which has served as the inspiration for many mob movies and television shows since its release.

* Heat (1995): Few guys can resist the draw of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro together onscreen as two men on opposing sides of the law. A botched heist job puts Lt. Vincent Hanna (Pacino) on the tail of Neil McCauley (DeNiro) and his crew of robbery/homicide cops.

* The Italian Job (2003): The heist movie is a time-tested guys' movie genre. Starring Mark Wahlberg, this remake of a 1969 classic features car chase scenes that keep the action going from start to finish.

* Platoon (1986): Oliver Stone's Oscar winner is one of the classic war flicks of the Vietnam War. It showcases the bonds men form when thrown into battle. Charlie Sheen as naive enlisted man Chris Taylor teeters on a psychological meltdown as the war continues.

* Reservoir Dogs (1992): This black comedy from Quentin Tarrantino is about a botched bank job that goes violently wrong. The movie showcases some of the funniest tough-guy chatter ever written, along with some horrific violence and gore.

* Rocky (1976): This movie is the anthem for working-guys everywhere. Blue-collar Rocky gets out of the neighborhood by working his way up to stardom and holding his own against reigning boxing champion Apollo Creed.

* Star Wars: Few guys haven't been mesmerized in front of the big (or little) screen following the action of intergalactic battles between good and evil. Watching "Star Wars" movies has become a rite of passage for many men, who first watched the films as boys and continue to do so today.

* The Untouchables (1987): Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro and Kevin Costner team up to tell the story of Elliot Ness's battle against Chicago mob boss Al Capone.