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Buy school supplies in bulk and save

The back-to-school season is fast approaching. This is a time of school bus traffic on the roads, anxious parents snapping first-day-of-school photos, and children will meeting their new classmates and forging new friendships.

This time of the year is also one when parents and students must shop for school supplies. Tradition dictates that families will flock to stores after dismissal and shop for folders, binders, pens and protractors. Caught up in the moment, many shoppers choose convenience over low prices on school supplies. Parents could end up at the check-out line with a considerable bill to pay, particularly if they are shopping for multiple students. Buying items in bulk -- and sharing the cost -- may be a more affordable option.
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How parents can get involved at school

Research indicates that children whose parents get involved with their education are more likely to earn better grades and less likely to have behavior problems in the classroom.

The concept of parents working in conjunction with schools is nothing new. A 1987 study by Paul G. Fehrmann and colleagues documented the importance of parental involvement on their child's grades. Published in the Journal of Education Research, the study found that when parents stayed directly involved in their child's studies throughout high school, the child's grades improved.
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Save on back-to-school clothes shopping

The back to school season can be bittersweet. Parents may miss having their youngsters around the house when summer officially ends, but it's also fun for parents to watch kids partake in all that school has to offer.

One of the things few parents look forward come the end of summer vacation is back-to-school shopping. Such shopping can be costly, especially when it's time to outfit kids with new wardrobes. While a complete wardrobe overhaul might not be necessary, kids typically need to replace a few items they've outgrown since the start of summer break. There are several ways parents can save on back-to-school clothes.
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Adults returning to school to advance careers

What do you do if the economy has stalled your career prospects or left you looking for a new job? Many adults are choosing to go back to school.

Thousands of laid-off workers or those who are stuck in careers that may not have been their first choice find that the path to new opportunities runs through a classroom. Spurred by the $787 billion economic stimulus bill that President Obama signed back in February 2009, which included almost $2 billion for adult employment services like training, many adults have traded in their time cards for textbooks. Or they're spending evenings and weekends taking courses after-hours.
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How to find the right internship

Recent college grads have found the job market to be somewhat underwhelming. Gaining the attention of a prospective employer is never easy, and it's even less so when the economy is struggling.

One of the ways current students or even recent graduates can make themselves more attractive to prospective employers is to find the right internship. Internships are not always easy to get, and many of them don't pay. But students who find the right internship often look back and recognize that their internship was their first step toward a rewarding career, and a step that provided valuable insight into their chosen field. To find the right internship, consider the following tips.
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Stock up on college wardrobe essentials for less

Prior to starting school, many students spend a portion of the summer scouting aisles of clothes at area stores to expand their wardrobes. Students entering or already enrolled in college may want to make subtle changes in the clothes they select.

College students hoping to make a good impression may want to pay attention to the clothes they choose to wear to school, job interviews, formal functions and networking opportunities. Remember, you can network with everyone from fellow students to professors and other staff. This is why it can pay to concentrate on always looking dapper and well kept when attending classes or being on campus.
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Financial considerations for adults mulling a return to school

As the economy has struggled, many adults have found themselves heading back to school. Mass layoffs contributed to high unemployment rates and left many adults without work wondering if going back to school is a good way to weather the storm and, once that storm is over, stand out among a crowded pool of job seekers.
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School smarts for green living
School supply savvy saves money and the planet

The average family with children will spend roughly $570 on school supplies this year, according to the National Retail Federation. School does require a bevy of supplies, but oftentimes parents and students look to disposable items when shopping for supplies. Did you know that six million disposable pens are thrown away in the U.S. each year?
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