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Sun & Safety

Slim down for summer

It can be sobering to realize that beach and pool season is right around the corner. Maybe that diet you hoped to go on got stuck in neutral. What can you do now?
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On The Water

Don't forget to protect skin when sailing

Few activities embody the spirit of summer like sailing.
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Fun In The Sun

Summer fun close to home

Summer revelers often take to the skies, rails and waves to embark on a vacation adventure. With the kids out of school and relaxed hours at the workplace, individuals and families generally find that summer is the ideal time to plan a getaway. For those who find they don't have the funds this year, or simply prefer to stay closer to home, there are likely many different local events to enjoy instead.
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Benefits to bicycle riding are many

Bicycles have been around for more than a century. Many historians once believed that carriage-makers Pierre and Ernest Michaux, a father and his son, respectively, were responsible for the first bicycle. But some historians now say there is evidence that bicycles and similar vehicles existed before the 1860s. Regardless, the design of bicycles and the enjoyment of riding them have continued throughout their history.
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Make the most of your river cruise

Vacationers often want to make the very most of their escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In addition to seeing the sights and sounds their chosen destination has to offer, men and women on vacation also want to pencil in some time for some much-needed rest and relaxation.
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