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Soy-based finished floors new 'green' innovation for parents

Since most of an infant's time is spent on the floor playing, crawling and discovering, more and more parents are now looking for flooring options that will minimize exposure to harmful allergens, germs and toxins.

Allergen and germ collecting flooring options like carpet are now being overlooked for more hypoallergenic options such as natural hardwood flooring to diminish the risk of harmful exposure to their children. Discerning parents are now finding that there are even healthier options in hardwood flooring available that can help them take that extra step of precaution in protecting their child's welfare.

There's a new hardwood floor so healthy and so eco-friendly that it actually was awarded the "Children and School certification" by world-renowned standards organization Greenguard.

Canadian Manufacturer, Mercier Wood Flooring ( has developed the cleanest, least harmful and most eco-friendly flooring available anywhere. And now, after years of development, consumers, daycares and school boards can now benefit from this unique product never before introduced on the market.

Made using 100 percent pure soybean oil, the new Mercier Greenguard factory-finished flooring boasts zero VOC content (volatile organic compound), is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and is the only flooring with the Greenguard School and Children certification available in all species, colors and finishes

"Making homes a healthier environment to live in is a goal we have long recognized and eco-friendliness has been the core value of our company since the beginning. We are proud of our new generation of flooring, Mercier's Greenguard "School and Children" certified flooring," said Michel Collin, Director of Marketing for Mercier Wood Flooring.

With this new flooring option you don't have to sacrifice great looking floors for health-consciousness as designer Nancy Soccio of Dolce Interieur in Montreal explains: "with Mercier's Design + Program, you can create a natural wood floor that offers both a distinct character to your decor, as well as a healthy, eco-friendly choice for your entire family."