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Organization tips for couples planning a wedding

Couples planning a wedding quickly realize just how challenging a task that planning can be. From paring down the guest list to arranging the music to choosing a menu for the reception, couples must make several decisions when planning their big days.

Staying organized when planning a wedding is no small task, as the planning can be spread out over several months or even more than a year, making it difficult to keep track of what's has and hasn't been done. The following are a few organization tips that should help couples keep on track when planning a wedding.

* Write things down. Whether you write things down the old-fashioned way in a notebook or jot down notes in a tablet, write down your plans as you go. Write down important phone numbers, vendor information and all the other details you'll want instant access to. It's important that such notes are taken in something that's portable, allowing you to jot down notes immediately as opposed to forcing you to remember until you arrive home.

* Create a to-do list. A to-do list is another great way to stay organized when planning your wedding. As you make certain decisions, simply strike those tasks from the list. This way you will know which tasks you've polished off and which ones you still need to work on.

* Create a wedding calendar. Keep a calendar devoted specifically to the wedding. Include appointments with vendors and information regarding payment schedules and other deadlines on this calendar. If you set any deadlines for yourself, such as when you prefer to choose a band for the reception, jot these deadlines down on the wedding calendar as well.

* Take a digital camera along when shopping for your wedding. Many couples want to explore their options before making any decisions with regard to attire, floral bouquets and other aspects of the wedding. But it can be difficult to remember all of the things you might have seen throughout the process. Bring a digital camera along when shopping so you won't have to rely strictly on memory when making your final decisions. As you take pictures, upload them to your computer so when the time comes to make a decision, those photos are easily accessible.

* Delegate certain tasks. Even couples that consider themselves taskmasters can benefit from delegating some tasks when planning a wedding. This can save you some time and make it easier to keep track of everything. When delegating, ask friends or family to handle those tasks that don't require a personal touch. For example, ask a best man or maid of honor to arrange for guest transportation to and from the airport. It's not too much responsibility, but it's one less thing for busy couples to worry about.