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Top teeth-staining offenders

Bright, white smiles can take years off of your appearance and help boost your confidence. Also, they can help you look your best when posing for wedding-day photographs. While many couples opt for whitening treatments to ensure pearly whites on their big day, steering clear of foods that are notorious for staining teeth is also a good idea. The outer layer of the tooth is very porous, and dark-colored foods and beverages may stain teeth more easily. The following items are known to discolor teeth:

* Black coffee

* Tea

* Red wine

* Cola

* Dark fruit juices

* Popsicles with artificial coloring

* Soy sauce

* Balsamic vinegar

* Tomato sauce

* Blueberries

* Beets

* Curry

Minimize the consumption of these foods and use a straw to drink acidic or staining beverages to keep teeth as white as they can be.