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Helpful hints when choosing floral arrangements

Couples must make many decisions when planning their wedding, not the least of which is choosing floral arrangements.
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How to save money on the wedding cake

A wedding cake is a crowning finale to a momentous wedding day.
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Wedding advice: Be open to ideas and expertise

Once you announce your plans to get married, there's a good chance that people close to you will be ready and willing to dispense their share of advice. Some words of wisdom will be priceless, while others you can store away for another day.
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Top teeth-staining offenders

Bright, white smiles can take years off of your appearance and help boost your confidence. Also, they can help you look your best when posing for wedding-day photographs. While many couples opt for whitening treatments to ensure pearly whites on their big day, steering clear of foods that are notorious for staining teeth is also a good idea. The outer layer of the tooth is very porous, and dark-colored foods and beverages may stain teeth more easily.
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Safe and smart ways to slim down before your wedding

Many brides-to-be, and even some grooms-to-be, express concern about their weight in the weeks and months leading up to their wedding. Losing weight is a goal for many engaged couples, but it's important that couples who want to shed a few extra pounds don't sacrifice safety for the sake of slimming down.
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