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Influential women of the last 100 years

Many women have helped shape the world that we know today. Many of those women found their voices in the 20th century and helped change the views of women around the world. Here's a look of some of the most influential women of the 20th century:

* Jane Addams

* Maya Angelou

* Virginia Apgar

* Lucille Ball

* Helen Gurley Brown

* Julia Child

* Agatha Christie

* Hillary Rodham Clinton

* Marie Curie

* Diana, Princess of Wales

* Anne Frank

* Ruth Bader Ginsberg

* Jane Goodall

* Sonja Henie

* Katherine Hepburn

* Billie Jean King

* Estee Lauder

* Marilyn Monroe

* Rosa Parks

* Eva Peron

* Sylvia Plath

* Martha Stewart

* Oprah Winfrey

* Laura Ingalls Wilder