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Women surpass men in tech buys

Though men might be more commonly associated with buying gadgets, the tech industry is not as much of a boy's club as one may think. Aside from one consumer electronic category, women are the consumers most likely to shop for tech toys.
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Breaking through the glass ceiling

As the old saying goes, "A woman's work is never done." Unfortunately, many women find this adage still rings true, particularly in regard to the workplace.

According to the AFL-CIO, the average 25-year-old woman who works fulltime, year-round until she retires at age 65 will earn $523,000 less than the average working man. The U.S. Department of Labor says that women earn roughly 20 percent less than men. Though women have made large advances toward economic equality, a disparity in pay between men and women still exists.
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Influential women of the last 100 years

Many women have helped shape the world that we know today. Many of those women found their voices in the 20th century and helped change the views of women around the world.
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Pros and cons of electric cigarettes

Smoking is bad for you, and many smokers know it. However, that knowledge is not enough to keep millions of people across the globe from lighting up.

Though smoking was once a habit primarily associated with men, the reinvention of advertising geared toward female consumers persuaded women to light up as well, and now cigarettes are just as often associated with women as they are with men. Unfortunately, the negative side effects of smoking, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, are just as easily associated with women as men.
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Protect yourself when shopping online

Many women love to shop. Be it hunting down the perfect pair of heels or scouring the stores for an ideal evening gown, shopping is often a far bigger thrill for women than it is for men.

Since the dawn of the Internet, more and more women have embraced online retailers, choosing to forgo crowded malls or department stores in favor of shopping online from the comfort of home. As easy as online shopping can be, it also comes with more risk to a shopper's privacy than shopping in person at a nearby store. Those privacy issues continue to concern online shoppers, many of whom are reticent to share personal information over the Internet for fear of falling victim to identity theft. In fact, a 2008 survey from Pew Internet found that 75 percent of Internet users do not like giving out their credit card number or other personal information online. Those fears are warranted, but women can take certain measures to better protect themselves when shopping online.
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Deciding if grad school is right for you

The year 2010 saw women surpass men in advanced degrees for the first time ever. So says the United States Census Bureau, which found that among adults 25 and older who earned a master's degree, 10.6 million were women and 10.5 million were men.

Such statistics illustrate how women are increasingly positioning themselves for career advancement. Though there's no guarantee that an advanced degree will advance a career, the appeal of an advanced degree and its potential impact on career aspirations is something many women are finding too difficult to resist. But there are a few things women should consider before they begin their pursuit of graduate degrees.
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Highest paid female executives

Despite continuing disparities in earnings between men and women, many female business professionals earn very good salaries. In 2011, CNN Money released their list of the highest-paid women among publicly traded companies in the United States. Here's a look at their 2010 salaries.
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