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Career & Business

Protect yourself when shopping online

Many women love to shop. Be it hunting down the perfect pair of heels or scouring the stores for an ideal evening gown, shopping is often a far bigger thrill for women than it is for men.
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Women's Health

What women should know about heart disease

Millions of women around the country live with cardiovascular disease and may not know it. The consequences of being uninformed can be fatal.
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Beauty Tips

How to find the right spa for you

Few things are as relaxing as a trip to a spa. Once a spa visit is complete, men and women typically notice they're more relaxed, their bodies feel much better, and they now feel rejuvenated.

Once upon a time, spa treatments were considered a luxury only the wealthy could afford. However, spas have become more affordable over the years, and though not necessarily inexpensive, spas can now be enjoyed by people regardless of which tax bracket they fall into.
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Summertime hair repair

Fun in the sun, be it swimming, sailing or simply sweating, can add up to hair damage during the summer months. While it's common knowledge to protect the skin and eyes from potential hazards, some forget to protect their hair.

The summer season is often one full of exposure to sun, chlorine and salt water. These factors can work together to create damage to the hair. By the end of the season, you could find yourself with dehydrated and unmanageable hair.
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Hassle-Free Beauty Tips from Founder Polly Blitzer

It's a common misconception among women that in order to look your best, you need to devote ample time in front of the mirror each morning. However, looking your best from head-to-toe is much simpler than it sounds. Polly Blitzer, founder and editor in chief of, has teamed up with Crest 3D White to offer a few beauty shortcuts to help you create a virtually flawless look!
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